23 July 2024

TEPARG Symposium at IFAA 2022

TEPARG hosted our own symposium at the virtual 20th Congress of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists, Istanbul, Turkey on Friday 5th August 2022.

TEPARG Symposium
Hybridising Anatomy Education
 Isabel Stabile and Joanna Matthan

Learner gain: Evaluating learner gain and student satisfaction of teaching anatomy online using 3D digital models as compared to 2D illustrations
Rohan Bhate

Educator perspective: Educational Sources for Distance Teaching in Anatomy during the Covid-19 pandemic
Erich Brenner

Innovation in imaging: An innovative online resource for learning radiology and anatomy
Safia Khan and Imogen Cowdell

Flexible Assessments: Adopting a flexible approach to professional anatomy spotter exams during COVID
Luisa Wakeling

Dissection post-Covid: The role of cadaveric dissection and hybrid medical education in the post COVID-19 pandemic era
Hannah Bridgwater

Clinical Anatomy Solutions: Online solutions to the delivery and assessment of a clinical anatomy and medical imaging unit
Ian Johnson